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News: Sycamore Park

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  Alex Mihavics 

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Named in 2004, Sycamore Park is located on a prominent bend of the New Haven River. The park property includes 8.4 acres and was acquired as part of an agreement between the Town of Bristol and the Federal Emergency Management Agency after a summer flood ravaged the area in 1998.  Under the terms of this agreement, Sycamore Park will remain forever as a natural area.
Sycamore Park is currently managed as a day-use recreation area through the collaborative efforts of the Bristol Selectboard, Bristol Recreation Department and the Bristol Conservation Commission.  The park has several picnic tables, a port-o-let in the summer months, excellent swimming & fishing areas and six interpretive sites.
This Park is located approximately 3.4 miles west of Bristol village on Route 116 at the one lane bridge. Take your immediate right and you will enter the Sycamore Park parking area.

In Spring/Summer 2021, through a collaboration with the Bristol Trail Network, Bristol Conservation Commission and The Bristol Recreation Department, a native pollinator garden was established by Intern Jenny Sogin and volunteers.  This garden will benefit the wildlife of Sycamore Park and specifically the birds, bees and butterflies that pollinate! For more information about the pollinator garden, click here

If you are interested in reserving a space on the park for an event please complete this form.  For more information about Memorials in Parks, complete this form  email it to

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